Monday, February 4, 2013

Templeton Foundation

The Foundation is currently accepting Online Funding Inquiries for its Core Funding Areas.

In the charter establishing his Foundation, the late Sir John Templeton set out his philanthropic intentions under several broad headings. These Core Funding Areas continue to guide the Foundation's grantmaking as it works to find world-class researchers and project leaders to share in its pursuit of Sir John's dynamic, contrarian, forward-looking vision.

A number of topics - including creativity, freedom, gratitude, love, and purpose - can be found under more than one Core Funding Area. The Foundation welcomes proposals that bring together these overlapping elements, especially by combining the tools and approaches of different disciplines.

1. Science & the Big Questions
a. Mathematical & Physical Sciences; b. Life Sciences; c. Human Sciences; d. Philosophy & Theology; e. Science in Dialogue
2. Character Development
3. Freedom & Free Enterprise
4. Exceptional Cognitive Talent & Genius

Submission deadline: April 1, 2013
Individual grants range greatly in amount, from several thousand dollars to several million.

Read solicitation in its entirety.

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