Monday, February 10, 2014

Managing your expenditures - Reviewing Encumbrances

Reposted from the Purchasing email list.

Please review all open encumbrances on your various ORGs. One quick way to see these in Banner is by accessing Form FGIOENC and viewing by Fund/Org or Org only. Or you can access On-Line Services and select menu option “Encumbrance Query” to identify your org or fund/org.

Examples of things you might be looking for:
1. Purchase requisitions that have not been converted to a PO and that need to be
2. Travel requisitions for a trip that was not taken and requisition needs to be cancelled;
3. Purchase Orders that won’t be fulfilled by the vendor and need to be cancelled;
4. Purchase Orders that are paid in full, but are still encumbered.

If there are any encumbrances that need to be cleared, please contact your buyer.