Friday, March 2, 2012

National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge Grant

Due: May 2, 2012

NEH challenge grants are capacity-building grants, intended to help institutions and organizations secure long-term improvements in and support for their humanities programs and resources. Through these awards, many organizations and institutions have been able to increase their humanities capacity and secure the permanent support of an endowment. Grants may be used to establish or enhance endowments or spend-down funds that generate expendable earnings to support ongoing program activities. Challenge grants may also provide capital directly supporting the procurement of long-lasting objects, such as acquisitions for archives and collections, the purchase of equipment, and the construction or renovation of facilities needed for humanities activities. Funds spent directly must be shown to bring long-term benefits to the institution and to the humanities more broadly. Grantee institutions may also expend up to 10 percent of grant funds to defray costs of fundraising to meet the NEH challenge.

Because of the matching requirement, these NEH grants also strengthen the humanities by encouraging nonfederal sources of support. Applications are welcome from colleges and universities, museums, public libraries, research institutions, historical societies and historic sites, scholarly associations, state humanities councils, and other nonprofit entities. Programs that involve collaboration among multiple institutions are eligible as well, but one institution must serve as the lead agent and formal applicant of record.

ORSP News and Updates!!!

1.         Spring Training is underway – ORSP has the following trainings scheduled this semester. Visit the ORSP website to sign-up or call us at x6606. All trainings below are held in the Ralph W. Steen Library.

Revisions, Amendments & Sponsor Requests – Learn the who/when/ why/how about contacting your sponsor for changes to your project. Some approvals are required by the sponsor while others are required by SFA. We’ll also cover the internal processes, forms and signatures needed.
** a few spots available**
                      3-6-12 at 9 am, Wyatt Room

Grant Budgeting in Banner – Still look at Banner Finance and scratch your head? Learn how to decipher the system and use Banner Finance to help you effectively manage your projects.  ** a few spots available**
                                 3-21-12 at 2 pm, InfoLab 2

Time and Effort Reporting in Banner – PDF Effort reports are a thing of the past! Learn how to access and certify your effort reports and those of personnel paid from your grants within the Self Serv Banner system.
                        3-7-12 at 9 am, InfoLab 2
                      4-5-12 at 9 am, InfoLab 2

2.         Grant Support Group Luncheon – March 20, 2012 – Contact Grace Romero for more information [] before March 7th.

3.         Time to do a budget check – When was the last time you reviewed your budget? When was the last time you reconciled expenditures posted in Banner with purchase orders? When was the last time you compared your expenditures with your sponsor approved budget?

Don’t remember?! Then it’s time to check. Remember, most sponsors reserve the right to disallow expenditures in the final 90 days of a project if it is viewed as burning the funds. Also, all items must be encumbered BEFORE the end of a project.

For current information affecting grants and the latest forms, visit our website: