Monday, November 28, 2011

Health Information Services Promotion FY12

Application due: 12/30/2011
Sponsor: National Network of Libraries of Medicine Pacific Northwest Region
Full solicitation

The purpose of this program is to support projects that promote health awareness and literacy using outreach efforts. Funds will be given to projects that promote health information services by collaborating with a public relations firm to produce promotional posters, displays, brochures, fliers, bookmarks, and similar promotional items. Projects may utilize social media to increase public awareness of health information services or resources. In addition, projects may facilitate a special event that encourages the use of new or unique services such as scholarly research support, evidence-based practice, and health information literacy.
Projects that develop a website must comply with Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act. Refer to the Section508 file for further information.
Award recipients must acknowledge support of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine when publicizing project-related activities.
Eligible costs may include personal appeal items, such as cameras, MP3 players, smart phones, and laptop computers.

Dollar General Teen Summer Internship Program FY12

The purpose of this program is to support teen intern programs for summer reading programs. Funding can be used for intern stipends, training, or other intern-related activities.

Due: 01/01/2012
Sponsor: FD Foundation, Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA)
Limited Eligibility- Full Solicitation

Discovery Research K-12: Full Research and Development Awards FY 12

Sponsor: National Science Foundation
Due: 01/10/2012
Full Solicitation

The purpose of this program is to support projects that lead to innovative and sustainable improvements in the learning and teaching of pre-K through 12 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. The program encourages projects that build upon current educational research and promotes effective STEM practices in diverse pre-K through 12 classrooms. Projects should include interdisciplinary teams of scientific researchers, educators, and future researchers such as graduate students. All projects must demonstrate content that is important from a disciplinary and learning perspective.

Program categories are:
  • Assessment: projects that develop and study valid and reliable assessments of student and teacher knowledge, skills, and practices; including summative and formative assessment and assessment of teacher and pedagogical content knowledge
  • Learning: projects that develop and study resources, models, and tools to support all students' STEM learning; enhance their knowledge and abilities; and build their interest in STEM fields
  • Teaching: projects that develop and study resources, models, and tools to help pre- and in-service teachers provide high quality STEM education for all students; including recruitment and retention of STEM teachers, resources for teacher development, and sharing tools
  • Scale-up and sustainability: projects that develop and study the factors that contribute to successful implementation, scale-up, and sustainability of proven, high-quality innovations in schools and districts in a cost effective manner
This program is composed of three components:
  • (Part A): Full Research and Development Awards
  • (Part B): Exploratory Awards
  • (Part C): Synthesis Awards
  • (Part D): Conference and Workshop Awards
The purpose of the Full Research and Development Awards component is to build upon promising, existing projects that have demonstrated effectiveness in small sets of classrooms, schools, or other learning settings. Projects should result in completed products that are ready for implementation.
Program component (Part C): Synthesis Awards is not being offered during the current fiscal year.

John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award FY 12

Application due: 03/15/2012
Sponsor- The H.W. Wilson Foundation, American Library Association, EBSCO Publishing

The purpose of this program is to honor outstanding projects of library public relations and strategic communications. Eligible projects can include innovative ways to promote summer reading or reach a new audience, the creation of an effective awareness campaign, or an innovative partnership that has solved a problem or met a community need.

For more information, please view the full solicitation here.